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First off, special thanks goes out to whoever bought me six more months of paid status on livejournal! Since I have no idea who you are, I'll return the favor by buying other nice people paid status when I have a job and money and a credit card bill that looks possible again :)

Last night I was on duty for four hours and I was like, "no prob, I'll lounge in front of the lobby TV, edit my technical manuals, and watch bonus treks". But there would be no bonus treks for me, because the lobby was apparently the official meeting place for the university anime club. These people are dorks. And I know what you're all thinking... "A girl who considers running websites for free to be a 'social life' is calling anime fans dorks? pot, black, what?" Yeah, I know. But if you saw these guys you'd understand... they're like the Borg, they move in and take over hall lobbies and act really weird and try to get you to do things you'll never understand, like watch movies that make no damn sense. Tonight's feature was a drama about a little kid in japan in WWII whose parents are killed. s/he's hopelessly cute but ends up starving to death. now that's what I call a date flick.

So I shut myself up at the desk and turned up the radio to drown out the weirdness going on (it's scary, one person will randomly shout out a line and then they'll all start taking on roles and playing out scenes from anime stuff. then they'll hit each other on the heads with a big squeeky hammer. Don't ask.) and edited my papers in silence.

Some of the people who stopped by asked about them (who are the freaks, will they notice if I snatch a slice of their pizza, etc) so I had visitors at least. One freshman guy tried to pick me up. I've met him before, this time he was all like, "You should go out with me and my friends. Do you have a boyfriend? I think you have a great body." I didn't take it seriously, for some reason I just feel like people more than a year younger than me are basically completely different. Maybe it's because I was totally different a year ago (or hell, three months ago). So in my head the whole time I'm like, "Awe... the cute little freshman is hitting on me!" Kinda like when a five-year-old asks if you'll marry him, and you're like, "Sure, babe."

Luckily, I'm currently dating a much older man. hee!

My room is a disaster. I haven't had time to clean it in like a month, what do you expect? I'm thinking of making an mpeg with my webcam of the condition of this place... it might not shock some of you but I'm usually a pretty clean person so it kinda gets to me. It really looks like a war zone in here. I need to just move out. At my job this summer, you could tell I wansn't busy at all because I always kept my cubicle in immaculate condition. Kept the stapler lined up with the post-it note holder, drawings in a perfect stack, nothing out of place on the bulliten boards, etc. It was very structured. I probably looked totally anal. Same with my job at Discovery Channel Store - I loved straightening and making sure all the picture frames were exactly 1/2" from the shelf edges and the smooth rocks were perfectly sorted in their bins. Everything with a place. I wish the place I live could be like that.
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