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changing up my library strategy

I used to live close to the big huge central library. I would walk there and go to the science fiction section. I would look for an author with more than one book on the shelf... that's a sign of someone who could maybe actually write. I'd check out a book.

Then we moved, and now the closest library is a much smaller branch. It's always fun and busy and has a nice big kids section, but it's small. So there aren't as many authors with lots of books on the shelf.

Another issue is that the library seems to have a lot of books, especially science fiction books, that are the second or third in a series. They never seem to have the first of a series. I guess the part ones get checked out more, or lost more, or something.

Anyway a while back I posted an entry about favorite high school lit class books, and several of you mentioned Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card so I went to my local library to check it out. They didn't have it. But they had other books by the same author so I figured hey, author strategy. I checked out Treasure Box.

This was not a good book! I mean it was interesting, it was a page-turner and suspenseful and I read it quickly. But it was filled with trite banter-y dialog. My mom used to call the Left Behind books the "ya got that right" series, because the conversations were littered with uninteresting fill-phrases like that. I think of it as a trademark of notwriting. Treasure Box also had some bad clichés going on, like an evil villain who explains her master plot in depth because she thinks the hero character won't survive to make use of the information after his demise. Sigh.

I wanted Ender's Game, I should have gotten it, so I put it on reserve. It costs 25 cents to reserve a book at the library but they send it from any branch within days. I'm going to do that from now on... no more aimless browsing, I'm going to get recommendations and follow them. Maybe I'll find some famous book trilogies and actually get to read the part one now. I'm pretty excited. I'll just need some quarters. I always boasted about how awesome libraries were because you can read for free, but a quarter isn't so much. I'm still avoiding Borders which I feel really good about.
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