Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

seven weeks, sleeping, and bigness

She's kinda huge! 12 pounds, 9 ounces, or 5.7 kg. According to the CDC growth charts she's right smack average for a three month old. Which is funny, because she's not even two months old yet. says that you should never be worried about a breastfed baby gaining too much weight, so I'm going to put it in the back of my mind. In fact, sometimes I wonder if we're doing good by weighing her every week. A few moms at playgroup we weigh at have accused the scale of being a little high. And besides, when you have numbers, what do you do with them? Obsess. The most annoying posts in pregnant were always from gals whose doctors gave them numbers... hcg levels, chromosomal abnormality risks, glucose counts. They questioned everything and for what?

I used to think Kellymom was a crazy hippy website but more and more I'm starting to really like it and get what they're saying. I mean, I already got pulled into natural childbirth by reading up and thinking maybe we weren't supposed to be interfering in that process. I didn't need to be talked into breastfeeding, honestly it never crossed my mind to not breastfeed. Watching Josie's sleep patterns has been really interesting. I mean we pretty much stopped doing anything... we didn't actively keep her awake during the day, didn't lay her in her crib and leave her when it was some special predetermined bedtime. And yet, she's sleeping. Okay last Saturday was a disaster I realize this, I have no idea what went wrong. But for the rest of the week we've been rewarded for that punishment somehow. She's just... sleeping! Sunday night from 10-4. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... 10-5! Thursday there was a 2:00 wakeup but that was it. And after these 5am wakeups, she usually goes right back down until 9 or so. It's been magic. And it's just happened... it's natural, she's human and she's going to get these rhythms.

The whole site just advocates rolling with whatever happens. Don't make strategies, don't manipulate, just enjoy the baby and make sure your definitions of success aren't based on some arbitrary manufactured world. And relax. It'll make for a more relaxed, happy baby. If you can tell something's wrong, do something about it, don't make her yell. You'll only end up creating a toddler who thinks she has to yell to get your attention. Communicate.

Jo isn't the first baby I've been around, I grew up with way too many younger cousins, and spent every weekend of my teenage years babysitting little neighborhood kids. But she's making me rethink a lot of my attitudes about babies and how they should be raised.
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