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this week in drama

accounts of the weekend:

Friday night Josie slept from 9pm to 9am, with 3-4 wakeups to eat but she was zonked out the rest of the time. It was awesome. I felt very well rested.

All day Saturday she was a TERROR. She took a nap in the afternoon for maybe an hour and a half? But the rest of the time we had to work very hard to keep her happy. We did take her out for dinner and that was nice, she slept a little bit but then she was awake but cute and happy for people.

Then she was awake. Period. Marc was DJing a party but I texted him shortly after midnight to let him know what a tough night I was having. She was really upset. Towards the end, she got happier... when he got home around 1 she was in her bassinet, just kicking and looking around, and I'd fallen asleep in our bed next to it. He took her until 5 this morning, when I woke up, nursed her, and she slept until 9 but not well. Every time I woke up I could hear her ooching around, grunting, stretching like she was trying to wake up. I did not let this deter me from sleep though.

Seriously... a six week old baby awake for 12 hours straight? And it's at night? Are we cursed?

In the morning Marc and I had a fight because I'd bitched at him about giving her a bottle of expressed milk rather than waking me up, he left and I thought he'd stormed off but it turns out he just went to take a shower. While he was gone I snapped and threw our diaper genie down the basement stairs because the damned bag split open while I was trying to change it and diapers went EVERYWHERE, I just let the baby scream while I was picking the up off the entire living room floor (hardwood, for better sliding!)

I really had been feeling like she'd made a turn for happy in the past few weeks... I had that entry around week 3 where she was driving us up the wall but after that things improved. If we were holding her, she was cool. Sometimes we could set her down under her play gym or mobile and she'd be cool. But this week she's been pissed off again. I've been thrilled to go to work for four hours a day because it's four hours where I don't have to deal with my SCREAMING CHILD.

And really, work has helped in other ways too. I get to converse with people! Several of them told me that they had one baby (usually their first) who did not fit the definition of "good". But their next one was great. So that info kept me from telling Marc to get a vasectomy (something I should not ask for... because this week, he'd do it).

Marc is sort of adjusting well to being a home dad. He's so good with her... he was playing with her at dinner last night and she was so happy. They're a cute pair. I wish Josie had been happier this week, because I know she had several fussy days in a row and I feel for him. He's also already experienced some bad vibes from the outside world and I think it's getting to him. Actually, this started a long time ago, probably at that bad hospital class "for dads" that he took. It was all about how to not be a douchebag to the mother of your child while she's doing all the work. Then he's gotten all this "advice" from women who assume he can't change a diaper... mostly family members, who do little things like comment on facebook pictures to ask if he was supporting the baby's head enough.

Finally, he went to baby time without me... it's this thing at the hospital around the corner where parents just bring their 0-12 month olds and we've been going every week, and this week he said it was different. He's the only guy there, and he said the moms sort of slammed him with information that he already knew about how the baby needs tummy time, his black shirt isn't going to hide spitup very well, he should bring a bottle with him everywhere (he'd left it at home on purpose so he'd have an "out" when Jo got hungry).

Even the mirror we bought this week for the car said on the package, "Lets mom see baby in rear-facing car seat!" and Marc said, "Darn, it doesn't work for dads." Sigh.

We're surviving. After this morning's discussion Marc got out of the shower feeling just fine and we talked a while about how I can question/criticize his decisions without sounding like every other woman who's questioning and criticizing his decisions. We had this discussion in the car, so Josie was zonked out in her seat and not screaming at us.

I tried reading up on growth spurts, because that might explain why she's suddenly so pissed off and seems to have thrown her whole day/night schedule (what little schedule she had) out the window. But information is fuzzy. Like, KellyMom says:
Common times for growth spurts are during the first few days at home and around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months (more or less). Babies don't read calendars, however, so your baby may do things differently.
Is it just me or does that sound like ONE HUGE GROWTH SPURT? I mean, 2-3 weeks and 4-6 weeks? There's no separation there! For that matter, there's really no separation between 7-10 days and 2 weeks... why don't they just say "your little angel may act like an underfed shithead at any time for no apparent reason, don't blame growth, just SUFFER".

Oh well. We'll survive this week, like we have all the others.
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