Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

view from the carrier

So I got a baby bjorn off ebay. Is it better than the cheap Infantino one we got at Target? I'd say yes... the straps are more comfortable, and the snappy things make it easier to get the baby in and out of it. Is it four times as good? Eh.

Anyway, Josie seems unhappy when I put her in the "face mom" configuration. But when I turn her around to face the outside world, she spends the whole time contently staring back at me. I guess I look really attractive upside down or something? Oh well. The point is that she's happy and my hands are free to make a sandwich, so go us.

I go back to work tomorrow! In honor of that I drove in today and got my papers from health services... gotta love big companies. I had a doctor's note saying I was okay to work, but they still checked my temperature, took blood pressure, asked if I'd had a c-section (that's another two weeks of leave).

I got some clothes out to make sure I'd have something to wear. I will be making my triumphant return wearing... maternity pants. Damn. My weight is back down, I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans because they're low-rise, but the tailored wool slacks I wear to the office come up a little higher on the tummy and are very snug right now. I'm not sure how to feel about that. On one hand, plenty of people have told me "It took your body nine months to get big, give it nine months to get back!" On the other hand, I worry that pregnancy maybe did something permanent to my hips and I've changed pants sizes forever. I think of scarlet o'hara trying to get that corset pulled tighter that what's possible, her servant explaining that she's had a baby and will never be the same again? Well, I'll give it some time before I jump off and start ordering new clothes.

So... health papers: check. Fatty wardrobe: check. Baby pictures to show off to coworkers: check. Breast pump, bottles, milk storage bags and insulated lunch sack for transport: check.

Smart girl engineer brain ready to get back to science: check!

Maybe in the next week or so, my livejournal can be about something OTHER than baby?
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