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baby toys

Okay, so that picture features her cute sleepy smile. Which is adorable. But this weekend she started smiling for reals and it's even better! Babies practice smiling in their sleep until 4-6 weeks when they roll out the big show for things that impress them. Friday I swore I saw half a smile a few times but couldn't be sure, then Saturday she was all about it, mostly when we put her under her play gym.

Yes, she has a play gym now... my mom got it for her. I was being very conservative with the toys. I might sound too hippy but I was sort of avoiding toys because I didn't want anything too overwhelming for her, and I feel like she should be familiar with the world first. Like, look at trees or something. But multiple people have told me I sound kinda crazy. And it was fun watching Josie stare at the bright animals hanging above her, right where she could see them. She was entertained for 15-20 minutes and the smiles were priceless. It also gave her something to reach for and get used to maybe knowing what her hands do. So okay fine she can have toys.

She doesn't smile when she sees me. Dad was carrying her around outside and she was kind of dozing of, so I snuck around and said hi to her. She immediately opened her eyes and her MOUTH. And got that little tongue moving, licking her bottom pallet. At least she knows me and my voice... but I think she only loves me for my body. Sigh.

Mom brought another toy: a plastic rabbit that I had as a baby. When you pull the string it plays Lulluby, hides its eyes and plays peek-a-boo. I kinda remember it, actually! But can you believe they gave us toys with strings to pull? Who knows what tragedies could have resulted from that? Nothing anymore has strings. I can't believe I survived my childhood.
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