Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

five weeks

I see this sign around town:

For some reason, I got it into my head that the sign marked locations where you could abandon your baby if you don't want it anymore. So I've been threatening Josie with being left at quik trip around the corner. But it turns out that's not what the sign means... it's more of a "help distressed youth" sort of thing. Kids who are in bad or dangerous situations can go there and get help... maybe they're being abused, maybe they just feel weird about the friend giving them a ride home, maybe they're locked out of their house. welp now I know.

Anyway I don't think I want to leave josie at the quik trip after all. For one thing, I can't get enough of her perfectly round face!

Marc captioned this picture, "If you can find the baby, you are not colorblind."

Also I mentioned to Marc that I feel like maybe she's been crying a little less? He said nothing. He says that as soon as we start thinking that, she'll go APE CRAZY just to prove us wrong. And really it'd be hard for me to tell if she's crying less anyway... maybe I'm just getting used to it. I am getting used to her "patterns" and the fact that we can't predict anything. I used to be afraid that if she slept all day, she'd be awake all night... but we've seen plenty of days when she's slept all day and all night. I also used to think that she'd have short times of being awake or being asleep, like she'd need these evenly spaced naps. Not so, apparently. I don't know if this is normal, but my child easily stays awake for eight hours stretches! It's taxing, especially when she chooses "7pm to 3am" as her awake time, which happened last Saturday. Today it was 5:30 am to 1:30 pm... kind of an early start for that much work. I napped from 6-8 while Marc watched her. I guess experience proved to me that I needed that nap, because there was no telling when she'd want to sleep.

Now, she's not always happy about being awake for eight hours. Towards the end she gets downright pissed. That's usually when we start the routine of swaddling and walking and soothing, but she fights it. She'll doze off, then snap awake, like, "dammit you people are trying to trick me! Just because I'm in a BAD MOOD doesn't mean I'm okay with missing the awesome things I know are going on!" It takes forever. And if we try to swaddle her and put her to sleep earlier, she just plain won't go to sleep.

We weighed her yesterday. 11 pounds, 2 oz. She's gained almost four pounds since birth... more than half her body weight!

I took her to my investment club meeting. She slept the whole time. Everyone thought she was just precious and didn't believe me when I said she can cry pretty damn loud.

I took her to lunch with the office ladies. She yelled. I mean, she was happy for a little bit, just enough to trick me into ordering food, but then she was inconsolable and wasn't even happy being held by strangers (which is usually a great thing! damn!) so I shoved food into my mouth and scrammed.

We've been trying to lay her down in her bed upstairs when it's bedtime. We get her to doze off, then lay her down. It's hit and miss. At first I was nervous, because she goes to sleep at 8 or 9 and we like to stay up until 10 so it means we're ABANDONING her by watching TV downstairs. And we never did get that baby monitor... it sort of slipped through the registry cracks, then we forgot to pick one up when nobody gave us one. But we learned pretty quick that when Josie cries, she's HEARD. Maybe the hardwood floors help to make things echo, maybe we've developed good parent ears, maybe she's just got amazing lungs of power? We definitely don't need a baby monitor.
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