Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

chinese food + why my feet are great

Today's Fortune Cookie:
"A great day lies ahead in the not too distant future."

NSS! I think it involves leaving this town or getting really drunk. Hopefully both.

In other news, rough drafts of engineering report (50 pages) and user manual (30 pages) are done! I haven't even started the service manual. crumbs.

In other other news, now that the weather is warmer I'm developing my classic summer aversion to wearing shoes and socks. There's nothing better than being barefoot, and if I can't do that then sandals aren't bad, and if those aren't practical (I've got places to bike to, etc.) running shoes without socks are still pretty comfy. So the last few days I've been doing the running shoes without socks thing and it is nice and I do feel happy and summery, but let me tell you, my shoes smell BAD. manky sneakers! I had to put them outside my door for a few minutes when I took them off today! That's another sign of summer... in the winter it's too cold for things to smell bad, but when it gets warm out it's open season for everything. mmmm :)

My livejournal paid status expires today. anybody wanting to get me a really early birthday present? ha, just kidding, that's a joke. well, sort of.
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