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Fun fact I read on Wikipedia: Children don't have contagious yawning until the age of six or so. They can make us yawn, but we can't do it to them. Freaky. Also, fish yawn. And I know for fact that guinea pigs yawn!

I don't think guinea pigs stretch though, which has lead me to wonder who stretches, and why. Dogs and cats stretch. My parakeets stretched. Josephine stretches... just like a big person, which is how I got to be thinking about this exciting topic. She wasn't born with much, only the instincts she needs to survive... so stretching must be awfully important to be on that list. Why is it so important to us when other animals don't do it at all?

Other interesting observations:
  • She likes to eat her hands... but only if she accidentally gets one in her mouth. If you bend her hand towards her face she gets pissed off. Same if you try to make her take a pacifier... we've only succeeded on this one a few sparse times. I guess I'll have to have my mom come down every time she needs her pacifier.
  • A few times this past week, she's gone from sleeping calmly to SUDDEN PANIC SCREAMING CRY in an instant. Bad dreams, maybe? She's easy to calm down when that happens but it's so weird. (What the hell could a baby have bad dreams about anyway?)
  • She's doing amazingly better at turning to look at us. If she's on the floor and I'm moving around, she'll follow me or my voice, I'm not sure which. It's neat.

Anyway today was an interesting day because Marc took her away! Yup, they went to go spend the afternoon with his mom, armed with a 4oz bottle of pumped milk. I've been excited about the afternoon since he brought up the idea... when's the last time I had four hours to myself? I took a bath, I took a nap, I went to the fabric store, I'm updating livejournal.

I'm kinda excited about going back to work next week, even if I am just working some half-days to get back into the swing of things. I love this baby, but I love my routine too. And my job. I miss having an office full of people to talk with about current events. I miss productivity. Going back is going to be very good for me.
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