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My husband really does not like spiders.

I'm not a huge fan of them... big ones certainly freak me out. And I hate the hairy ones where you can see their fat jaws. But it's more common to see skinny little black or brown spiders, hanging out in a corner of the house, doing their thing, and I'm okay with that. I'd rather have spiders than fruit flies or mosquitoes, and they kinda take care of that for us. I also don't like the idea of killing them just because. It sounds crazy but someone once told me that killing anything in your house sort of interrupts the feng shui, there's this spirit of death, and I think of that whenever I have to kill a bug.

Marc, on the other hand, sees a spider and immediately assumes that it's highly toxic, or that it's going to make ten million spider babies, or that it's going to bite him in the night. Or all three. Even mentioning spiders throws him into this kid-like panic where he's afraid there's one in our bed or closet. He'll eventually kill the spider because he has to, but he's petrified of it and takes a while to get his courage up.

He's not even okay with outside spiders! I figure we have to appreciate the outside spiders, they are in their place. So what if we can see them through the kitchen window? But no, he'll totally go knock a spider off the window or even kill it so he doesn't have to see it outside. I can't relate.

Yesterday he was convinced we had a black widow in our basement. I told him I doubted it, those aren't very common where we live. He said he was going to go make it less common. Again... basement spiders! Not so bad! I'll roll with whatever, it's just random how we think of these things in totally different ways. When I was a kid we'd always get dad to kill the nasty spiders. My kid will see her father acting all squeemish and freaked out while her mom rambles on about some hippie philosophy... she'll have to pick which idea is worse.
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