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angriest baby on the block

I just love my baby... which is why it's sad that we've decided to sell her to the gypsies. As soon as there are gypsies in Kansas.

Nah, she's still cute she just YELLS a lot. And every calming technique works... for 5-7 minutes. It's getting kind of intense and I know that since she's not even four weeks old yet it could get worse before it gets better. When she started this, we told our pediatrician she was crying for 45 minutes at a time or so, and he was like, "Well, I had a patient who could keep it up for 18 hours."

Now we're up to 4-6 hour stretches of general unhappiness. We pass her around and feed her every hour or hour and a half. She likes her bathtime. She likes walks in her stroller for a few blocks. She calms down if we run the vacuum or hold her outside by the loud AC. But it's all temporary; if we leave the vacuum running for an hour it'll still only give us 10 minutes of quiet. So in between creative ideas we just pass her around and bounce her in different ways to try to keep her chilled out and us sane.

Sometimes in the morning she's awake and happy and that's nice, you can just hold her or lay her on a blanket and she looks around and kicks her legs and waves her arms and everything is good. But most times after noon or so are reserved for crazy. When she's tired we can tell she's tired, she blinks off and yawns, but those are really the worst times because she fights her sleep in harsh militant ways. She'll even sleep for 10 minutes or so, then realize that we've CHEATED and stopped laboring towards her happiness and she snaps back awake.

Here's something I don't understand: she hates her swings! We have two... a travel swing, and a bigger, higher-up one. Both have several settings of reclining and speeds that we've tried. Being swung around usually calms her down after we put her in her carseat (she hates being put in her carseat), but putting her in the swing raises the screaming level to defcon 7. I tried leaving her there, not swinging it, singing to her while she's in it... nothing works. Bummer.

I'm convinced that those baby outfits that say "I love mommy!" are for the times when you're not so sure... even so I don't put her in any of those. I don't want to put words in her mouth. Besides, when she's this pissed off it's more amusing to see her in her nightgown that says "princess" on it (see this happy photo). Oh and speaking of that, the other day I was outside bouncing her and the neighbor came over to say hi, and held her for a bit. Then she started getting MAD and the neighbor says, "Okay here she is back, I can tell she wants her mommy!" and inside I'm thinking "Oh God no she doesn't I promise!" but it was too late.

So I don't have a ton of time to update the lj these days... too busy with little spacebaby's campaign to be an only child. Oh well.

Happy independence day!
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