Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

if you've had a baby before...

Have decided to collect my own statistics on due dates and deliveries, because I've been getting lots of interesting comments/e-mails and I feel like this is a project that interests me and is kind of needed.

SO... could some of you help me out and be the first to take a survey?

This only applies to women who have given birth and can answer questions about their own experience. To avoid duplication I'm asking people to avoid filling it out for a friend.

I made this survey myself using my own site's databases so I want to make sure it "works" okay before I ask pregnant to take it. So I need testers, from both a functional and usability standpoint. If you're confused by any questions, or just don't like how it's laid out, or think I'm leaving out an important question, now is the time to tell me!

Thanks friends, love yas :)
Tags: pregnancy
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