Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

timeout for my anti-godaddy campaign

I would like to make a brief public announcement: I hate

Charging $10 for a domain is not an amazing deal. Offering websites is not unique. So I'm not sure why godaddy seems to be the "default" big source everyone talks about for getting domains and websites set up. I hate their ads that use women's bodies as objects to sell domain names. I hate how unprofessional their company name is. I hate them.

And I really hate how nonchalantly web people will be, telling everyone to buy from GoDaddy like they're the only game in town! there are ZILLIONS.

I've been using for years and really like them. My domains are organized, auto-renewal works very smoothly, it's intuitive, it's not huge and flashy, it's familiar enough to the industry that my hosts have been able to help me with issues. I pay $15 a year. If that extra $5 bothers you, use yahoo or 1and1 or or any one of the domain name registrars that do this sort of thing all the time and are just good at what they do so they don't need to buy superbowl ads to get it done. Hell, I just checked 1and1 and they're actually giving away free .com domains, then it's $9 a year. I think that's a deal!

In related news, way too many people at my place of employment (yes) use surveymonkey to conduct surveys. Again, not a fantastic service, and the name leaves much to be desired. I posted about this on twitter once, asking what people preferred, and the first response was from someone saying they liked "polldaddy".

Can I please just live my life without online companies wanting to be my daddy in some form or another? I feel like I'm the only woman who's ever bought a domain name or conducted a web survey or NOTICED how crappy these trends are.
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