Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

a few more baby gifts

So I had baby shower II yesterday, the Wichita one. My sister and ms A. put it on and did a fantastic job, the food was awesome. We played a game... "pin the fetus on the spacefem", featuring a big poster of me and cute little laminated cramped-for-space cartoon fetuses. Silly! And it wasn't about poop or eating gross baby food, so I feel good.

The actual turnout wasn't great, compared to my normal parties. I think it met my prediction about how I've blown off too many baby showers in the last five years to have a big one myself. Mom was there, sis, A, my former roommate, and about 5-6 others. I know that sounds good but we had 15 RSVP on facebook, and several more who said they'd come, they just... bailed. We're not sure what the stories all are, and I don't really care, I was just really happy that some people showed up. I strongly believe that when it comes to parties, you have to do your best to only think about the people who attend and push from your mind all the people who didn't, because the people who showed up deserve your attention.

We also were pretty relaxed with invites. We only used facebook, didn't mail anything. I didn't invite people who'd already given me a baby gift, I thought it'd be weird, and I'm sure there were some folks who are only friends with me and don't know my sister or A and they were tough to get invites to. It's poor form to invite people to your own shower and I tried to avoid it.

I feel like this group of friends was already pretty well tapped out for stuff. I know I personally have invites to two baby showers in the next month, plus there's been mother's day and graduations... people just don't have much. So a lot of the gifts were modest. But honestly that makes me feel pretty good. Half the reason I started boycotting baby showers is that I felt like I had to spend $25-$30, so when I'd get invites to four in a 1-2 month period I felt like I'd have to start pawning my shit to attend them. Now that I'm paying attention and know that some people spend less than $10, I feel so much better. Showing up is where the coolness is, especially at mine because it was such a small group. So that will be my future plan, when I get an onslaught of invitations in the mail and feel overwhelmed and want to give up on all of them.

While my sister was in town her and mom helped set up the nursery and organize the stuff we have. It looks SO much better now. Also, sis spent like two hours taking tags off clothes so I could start washing them.

And Mom took inventory. She says I have way too many onesies and outfits. I read a blog that said you should not register for baby clothes because people get them for you regardless... completely true! We registered for some onesie packs but no outfits... yet they came. At least I do have a good assortment of sizes. I warned people that I'm expecting a large baby who won't need a whole lot of "newborn" clothes, so there's lots of 3/6mo sized stuff, I've got that going for me. She says I'm lacking in crib sheets, washclothes and towels, so that'll be a purchase in the near future, but not too near since the baby won't even sleep in a crib for the first few weeks/months, we have this little bassinet thing we borrowed. Same with a playpen... we'll just keep an eye out for one, it's not important for a newborn.

After the shower I went out to dinner with the family in town, then we all hung out back and talked on the porch until late. It's been a really nice weekend. The weather turned hotter and we actually had to turn on AC in the house, but it's working great. The guinea pigs are getting way too many treats from various guests, but nothing damaging. Everyone's just having a good time.
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