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housewarming & the air fresheners

Returned some gifts to Bath & Body works over the weekend. I haven't been in that store in forever, but I'd have to say I was totally disappointed.

Several of Marc's Atlanta friends asked if we'd registered for housewarming... I'd never heard of anyone doing such a thing, but since more than one asked I guess maybe it's a common thing down there? Anyway now I wish we had a custom like that here. I know registering is a little controversial... when my parents got married they didn't register, it was sort of frowned upon, like you're begging for gifts. But now everybody just acknowledges the fact that married couples get gifts so everybody registers for weddings. I still think it's uncouth to put your registry information right there in the wedding invite, but I'm all for registering.

For our housewarming, people got us gifts, but they weren't all useful. We need a lot of things and have been spending tons of money lately. When we lived in the apartment we didn't need curtains, door mats, or gardening tools. Also now that we have a dining room we have a dining room table, but don't have enough placemats for all the seats.

I didn't have all these deep thoughts before the housewarming party because I didn't think people would get us things. But they did.

They got us air fresheners.

I could have one in every room now if I wanted, our whole house could smell like a garden path or cucumber melon, but I'm not that excited about the idea. Never have been. I kind of inherited my mom's philosophy that if something smells in your house, you should know it. Don't try to cover up the fact that something crawled into a cabinet and died in there... go find it and give it a proper burial. Your sense of smell is an instinctual tool and should be used as such. So while an occasional candle is okay, I bagged up all the air fresheners for their triumphant return to the retail world. The first ones to go had to be the "systems" that require special refills. We just moved more STUFF than I'd ever like to think about, if an air freshener is something that could one day take up space in a box, it's got to go.

It's been a while since I was in a bath & body works and I gotta say, they have nothing useful in that store. We used to buy the occasional bar of soap there but they stopped making BARS OF SOAP... too practical? Apparently I'm the last person in the world to wash myself with something other than a plastic-bottle consuming gel type substance. I also wonder how much lotion the average american goes through... looking at this place you'd think we slather it on full-body style before every meal.

I got away with some shampoo and conditioner, which is strong-smelling but not offensive. It's something I can use.

Dear friends, if any of you ever buy a house and register, I'll support that. I'll add to the matching placemat collection, contribute to the new set of towels, whatever. I won't be the 20th person to get you an air freshener.
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