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recording TV shows and how I don't miss it

Our myth box has been down lately. It's a computer that we installed MythDora on... a version of Fedora, which is a distro of Linux, but made to basically turn your computer into a free Tivo. You send $20 to schedules direct they give you a year of TV schedule updates, you buy a remote control with an IR port that plugs into the computer, and just like that you're recording shows and watching them on your TV.

Anyway a fan went out on our video card, we switched video cards, the install didn't like it for some reason, we tried to re-install/upgrade but the DVD drive wanted to die too... it's been a cluster. Marc's been working on it for days. I have not been helping much, partially because I'm way busier than him but also partially because I like NOT having the myth box.

We only have one tuner card, so we couldn't record programs and watch other TV channels at the same time. If it was recording you'd have to either watch the channel it was recording, or pick a program from the list of selected ones. In theory this would be fine, I mean, why let the TV run when you have a stored-up queue of your favorite shows? But I was tired of selecting programs. There aren't that many shows that I watch. I'm kind of a "watch what's on" kinda girl, I'm realizing. I like picking a channel, often one that's got movies going, and just letting it go. So the recording list was always full of Marc's shows... Family Guy and all its variations, every show about storms and weather-related catastophes, every show involving teams of researchers looking for ghosts or the paranormal, and the occasional sci-fi series. Some of which are good (Caprica), many of which are stupid.

I was recording Star Trek, Rosanne, and "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" (last one was part fantasy, part guilty pleasure, you be the judge). If I wasn't in the mood for those three shows, I was out of luck. And since we have cable, Family Guy is shown on some channel at least eight times a day, so that's usually what was on top of the list. I mostly like the show but it's so loud and obnoxious and cartoony that I just wasn't always feeling it. There were ALWAYS episodes to watch so it seems like it was constantly on our TV, and it's been wearing on me since we got the myth box. Again, good show, but watch it 3x day for two years and see how much you still like it.

I felt the same way when I lived with my roommate who had a Tivo and spent seven hours every Sunday catching up on the numerous runs of CSI that had happened through the week. Sick of the same show, and unwilling to fight about it because honestly I didn't have any better suggestion about what to watch. I just didn't want the same thing on all the time.

It's one of those rare times when I feel like my life is over-technologized, like I have too many options, like I'm tired of the computers asking me to make these decisions. I just want to watch TV. Have a ballgame on, have crappy Lifetime on, I don't care, I just don't want to think about it.
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