Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

laundry chute works

we fixed our house's laundry chute! It's amazing how happy a little thing like that can make me. When we first moved into the house nothing ever came out the other side of it, I was afraid my shirts were in a parallel universe or something, but we ripped out this weird cabinet thing that someone had built around it in the basement for the clothes to go in. And now everything ends as planned.

When I was a kid our house had a laundry chute. Just last week or so Mom asked if I remembered it. We moved from that house when I was 12, so of course I can't remember every detail about the place, but I REMEMBER the laundry chute because it was AWESOME. And I remember things besides laundry going down it... because come on, it's fun, you throw a lego spaceship down the vortex and find it later in the basement and it's been on this long fantastic journey through space, right?

Now I have a two story house, and there's an opening to the laundry chute on each floor. I've heard people gripe about having to deal with basement laundry in older houses... they're missing out on the perks.
Tags: childhood, house
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