Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

surprise shower & our first baby gifts

My investment club threw me a surprise baby shower :) I feel loved.

It's some gals from work I meet with once a month. We learn about stocks and how to evaluate them. Everyone presents various stocks and sometimes we try to buy something. We each put in $25 a month, and we usually spend $500 or so when we buy a stock, which is nice because that's enough money to get you some shares but it's not all your money. There's about ten of us. It's been very educational for me... I was sort of a random gambler on scottrade before (that's how I lost like $400 on AMD) but now I know what forward and trailing P/E ratios mean, how to figure up profit margins, analyze industry positions, balance the betas in a portfolio, all that fun.

Anyway Wednesday night I showed up for the usual monthly meeting and they all brought out cute pastel bags full of STUFF. In the year and a half or so we've been meeting we've never done anything like that, I was totally shocked. They even ordered a plate of brownies and we played a quick game, then got to our meeting and stock presentations after I'd opened presents.

I got some blankets, a baby bathtub, diapers, clothes. A little duck you put in bathwater to tell you if it's too hot. Mittens, so if the baby's born with claws she won't scratch herself. I feel so prepped now! Right now the baby's room has a crib, a few stuffed animals, and a changing pad. Oh and like three diapers we've gotten from various sample bags.

We'd gotten a few things at the housewarming party last week too. Along with some nice house gifts, a few people brought baby gifts because it's getting to be that time. So there were some little outfits and clothes and things in the crib over the weekend. One of our former neighbors made us an awesome blue quilt and matching pillowcase. She makes cool stuff on etsy at Leandra George and the quilt is downstairs still so we can show it off to people.

This week I'm going to go get a high chair from a guy from work, and one of my SWE friends has a baby carrier thing that you strap to yourself. She also offered this play-gym thing but I don't get those, it seems like it takes up a lot of space and the kid only stares at it for a short time in life, am I right? She won't notice it until she's old enough to recognize fun toys, and then a few months later she's rolling around and doesn't care to be laying idle under the hangy things.

So apparently my prediction that I've blown off too many baby showers to get baby gifts turned out to be wrong! Things are really coming together for little spacefetus, it's exciting to be welcomed into the world by so many people.
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