Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the good, the bad, & the pregnant

I went bra shopping tonight because I was in a good mood... well that ruined it. Bras have been weird lately. I don't feel like any of mine fit right and I can't explain why, but I'm too embarrassed to let some store clerk measure my weird 7 months pregnant boobs, so I just figured I'd wing it.

I measured myself at home then went to Victoria's Secret because that's where I used to get bras. Total disaster. Even Marc said, "Are you even supposed to be here? Most of the things here are meant to get you pregnant." I was wearing a big tent of a dress, and all the posters were of these skinny little nymph things, and it just started to wear on me. I tried on two bras in the dressing room with the mirror that said "STRIP" in huge pink letters. The bras felt terrible and I did not feel like stripping, in fact I didn't feel like seeing myself at all. Everyone was beautiful and I was... not. Anyway a department store had some simpler things, actually I found this lightweight no-wire thing that's probably a training bra, but I know that the band didn't cut into me and the cups were nice and stretchy and I could make it work. But the damage was kind of done and I felt like I was huge and not fitting into the world.

So I'm definitely going to do yoga tonight, it's the one positive thing I've had going on this whole time. I went on netflix starting in early pregnancy and started going through their selections of prenatal yoga. At first, it was just something I did because it was exercise and I've always done yoga and I knew I'd have to change up my routine... fewer arm balances, no hardcore midsection twisting, all that. But the bigger and weirder I feel, the more yoga is about re-discovering and affirming what my muscles are still capable of. The fact that I can still knock out the tree pose makes me feel like I actually own my body, it's still mine, it's familiar... and that's saying a lot.

I settled on a favorite: Heather Seiniger's Yoga Pregnancy. It has a pre and post-natal workout, it's only 30 minutes, and it's got all the important stuff... squats, calf stretches, gentle back movements. I had the netflix so long that when I sent it back I just bought it.

Some other workouts were just too zen-hippie-calming for me to take them seriously, like the GAIAM one, hate to say it. And my least favorite was Crunch Fitness because it was just so damn cheerleadery. I mean she in-depth explains how to do kegels and everything, it's annoying.

So that's my tip of the week for appreciating your lovely changing body when you're pregnant: say yes to yoga, say no to bra shopping at the mall.
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