Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Our Lady of Kitchy Decor

We bought a spanish-style house filled with color and so many cute awesome details. The people who lived here before us were clearly influenced by the southwest/central America... we saw pictures of what the house looked like then and it was awesome. You can tell they loved it, had style, and weren't afraid to express themselves.

Anyway every light switch cover in the house is different... vintage, with bright colors. Patterns, flowers, old artwork. I love most of it, but felt a little weird about a few of them that featured a portrait of the Virgin Mary. Blame my Protestant upbringing but I'm just not used to seeing a lot of religious artwork adorning the place where I live. We had a nativity scene out at Christmas. Grandma had one picture of Jesus... the one where he's gazing up into space, with long brown wavy hair. It was subtle. But in the old pictures of our new house, archways were filled with candles, crosses, and yes, Mary. She was taken from the archways when they moved out but left on the switchplates, which I feel is the least sacred place for her to be. And doesn't seeing an image everywhere make you sort of immune to it after a while, does it get to be commonplace? Not so sacred?

I brought this up with my Catholic-born husband and he didn't get me at all. He does not want to change out the switchplates. He likes them. We were in bed talking about this, drifting off to sleep, and I tried to explain what I didn't like about them but didn't do a great job. I just said they didn't feel appropriate. He said they're fine. I said, "Don't you think it's weird?" He said, "No, I think it's nice. She protects us."

What? From the switchplate?

After a silence he wrapped his arms around me and said again, "It's fine."

So I dropped it. I really can't explain why it's not fine, anyway. And I'm certain that God has better things to worry about, than whether the image of the Virgin Mary is being used only in sparse, sacred ways. They're perfectly good switchplates anyway, and very artistic, no sense changing out something that works.
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