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easter, house, my first passenger flight

I had the most wonderful day today.

Woke up and worked on the house some. Got the new curtains ironed and they look very nice.

Woke up Marc and we went to church. Our little choir rocked the heck out of the Hallelujah Chorus, can I say that? And kicky baby seemed to really like church.

Came home to a house smelling like roast. Marc can make one hell of a roast, and we had a ton! He also made potatoes. I made salad and chopped up carrots for the roast.

We had guests over... Marc's mom and dad, Mike, Ms. A. They brought rolls and deviled eggs and cheesecake with cherry topping. We had a great dinner.

Around 5 or 6, after I'd been sneaking away all day to check winds, Marc and I went to the airport and went flying! Yes, my first real passenger! I thought I'd be kind of scared but when we got there I was so excited to just be flying. There was a 13 knot crosswind but tower was nice and gave me the little runway lined up with it (32) so I didn't end up dealing with crosswind at all. We were a little pressed for time, I wanted to be back before sunset. With a passenger I legally have to be back before sunset + 1hr, but I know there are good REASONS for the night currency rules and it's just safer to not be flying around when it's dark.

So it was a quick and probably unimpressive flight... we took off from Wichita, flew up to Newton where Marc's from (about 30 miles away), flew a lap around Newton, and came back to Wichita. Oh, and while I was on my own VFR nav I cheated a little and flew east so that when I called Wichita approach they'd have to bring me in with a heading right across downtown. Scenic route! We took some pictures that I'll have to get up sometime later. And Wichita let me have the crosswind runway again so Marc got to see one of my nicer landings.

Then we came home, and had an after-flight snack of leftover roast. mmmm.

I'm so happy! I love the house... we got our washer hooked up, and I've been doing loads of laundry without quarters! I love how we opened all the windows and let the breeze through during Easter dinner, I love having an icemaker so we don't have to buy the bags of ice at the gas station. And even though my pilot days are limited, Marc and I had so much fun just being in the airplane tonight, I can't wait to actually go someplace. Nice spring day and a lovely Sunday.
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