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tooth gaps

My teeth seem to be drifting apart. I noticed this a few months ago and talked with the dentist because it's annoying me, I have these gaps and keep getting food suck in there. It's bad enough that I've altered how I chew meats and veggies and I ALWAYS have dental floss with me, and am always taking these breaks after meals because I can't push the stuck food out with my tongue. The dentist helped out some by telling me to tie a knot in the dental floss, it helps pull things out. I felt like it was a household tip that I totally missed out on, it was so obvious, but it's made the flossing much faster. But they also said there's not a whole lot they can do, the best thing is just to try and keep the areas clean, lack of flossing is what causes them to shift around.

Historically I've had very healthy teeth. Very few cavities, good enamel. I got my top two wisdom teeth in and they fit just fine. Not sure where my bottom two went. I guess they could come in at any time, but I'm almost 30 and I think it's about time to just give up on them.

I wasn't always perfect about flossing though. At my one appointment they asked if I'd flossed, and my response was "I bet I'm beating the average" which they said was a unique answer.

I'd say this gap thing has come up just in the last year. For the record, the worst ones are between 13 & 14, 3 & 4, 20 & 21, 28 & 29. Hearing from the dentist that "sometimes teeth just drift around" makes me feel old, like parts are starting to wear out.
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