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it's 3 am, I desperately wish I was asleep, but I'm not. This is one thing about pregnancy I have not enjoyed.

Yesterday I tried to get my checkride in to finish my pilot's license! We corrected paperwork for way too long, preflighted the airplane, fueled up, checked winds... and they had picked up beyond my student pilot limits that I'm still under. Yeah. And my comfort level too, really. So taxi back and give up. I joked last week, after canceling five final progress checks in a row, that I'd moved from the progress check canceling stage to the checkride canceling stage. Probably shouldn't have joked about that.

I was done by 2:30 and we had friends coming to move us at 4 so I just went home. The apartment was a mess... not nearly as staged as I hoped it'd be, so I was a little frantic. But things ended up happening anything so it wasn't so bad. We had 3-5 very good friends helping us, and I got to field phone calls from people who'd gotten busy for some reason.

Word of advice: if you're going to blow someone off on their moving day, a least make your excuse a brief one! I was kinda busy, and people kept calling me with these long explanations about how this was like the only possible day they could wash their hair, and by 6 o'clock I was SNIPPY. Dude, cut to the chase, if you're coming and want directions I will give them, if you're not coming I cannot stand here listening to you yammer on about your life, I'm kinda busy! Dunno if you got the memo but we're trying to move!

It took two trips with the 14' uhaul truck this time. apparently my "stuff count" has grown. bummer.

I did some good things... packed a suitcase with all the clothes I'd need to make it to work this week. Labeled the box with our bedding so we could sleep tonight. We also really wanted showers, but that required a trip back to the apartment for shampoo and conditioner, and a little bit of digging for washclothes. We had to zip-tie the shower curtain liner to the shower curtain rod because I had it in my head that the house came with shower curtain rings but I think they might have been thrown away in the cleaning or something, they were nowhere to be found.

everything is a mess but we have internet! I have to give the man credit for that one... while he was waiting for our fridge delivery today, he set up the wireless network. priorities, huh?
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