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freaking baby names

Decided this week that I have a new least-favorite question: "Have you thought about names yet?"

Yes, we've thought about names. We look at websites, we've gotten library books, we reviewed the family trees and accepted suggestions from at least 3/4 of the Wichita population.

And yes, some things jumped out at us, but we still don't see a need to settle on a name three months before the kid is born. Some people just know what name they love before they're even pregnant and that's great, but it's not me. I like open options. That's a problem because other people really don't seem to mind talking about baby names until they can dig me out of the ambiguity. I don't think baby names are a terribly interesting conversation topic but apparently I'm alone in this. I've been stuck at dinner parties trying desperately to change the subject, because I'm bored to death by it, but it's amazing how people just come RIGHT BACK TO NAMES. And they want you to react, they want you to say, "OMG you're right Helga IS the perfect name I just never thought of it before you said it, thank you so much I'm forever in your debt!" Until you do, they won't drop it. They want this problem solved.

I don't even like telling people our top candidate names, or types of names I like, because it just makes the conversation last longer. Or they tell us which of our candidates they like or don't like, which I totally don't care about. Maybe you knew a "Brook" who was a total crack addict but I didn't, so it's still a good name to me, and you know if we named our kid that they wouldn't bad-mouth it the same way because it's done, right? That's what I want... that no-going-back stage where no one tries to correct or persuade you.

I just recently got comfortable with referring to my unborn child as a "baby", which I feel is justifiable because she's way past the viability date and when we see her on the ultrasound, she looks like a baby. But I'm not ready to think of her as a PERSON, with a name and a birth certificate and a social security number. She's never seen the world or used her voice or made a decision... so why should I be making decisions? In three months I'll get to meet her, and then her name will make sense. No need to rush things.
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