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not moved

My plans for the weekend were going to look like this:
Friday - take a day off, hang out with mom, do our shelf paper project
Saturday - move the guinea pigs, hang out at the house for fridge & range to be delivered from sears, host one last party at the loft
Sunday - big moving party, relax and live in the new house!

Friday went as planned. That was it. On Saturday I got a call from sears that our fridge & stove were not going to be delivered, the 2 inches or whatever crap of snow we got held up their trucks. damn! So I talked it over with Marc and we decided to delay the moving party, for two reasons. First, if we moved Sunday and didn't have appliances until Tuesday, life would be annoying. Second, the snow was promising to make Sunday a slushy muddy mess, and that's annoying.

Consequently I did not move the guinea pig complex Saturday. I got a bunch more packing done but that was it. I did have a party... my former roommate is getting married and we threw her a bachelorette thing. Other friends did all the "party work" because they knew I was moving, so I didn't make food or anything, just had to unlock the door. It was a lot of fun! I'm glad I got to use the loft for proper downtown crazyness one more time. We hired some entertainment from these guys (caution: myspace) and the guys were AWESOME... plus a great way to sort of break up the party. When they left, we all went out to the club Marc was DJing at, and when I got tired, I went home.

By the way our bachelorette did not make it as long as I did... she hit it pretty hard, had a great time for like three hours, and had to be taken home at 11. So we have all these pictures at the club of us enjoying her champaign at the table with little reservation tags with her name on it.

The guinea pigs are used to parties now I think. We've had some where they huddled together in a house as much as possible to hide from the noise and people, but last night they were just chilling out like nothing abnormal was happening. I snuck them some treats off the veggie tray and they were happy.

Today it's warmer, I think I'll get the pigs & their complex moved to the house. The girls are supposed to come clean up from the party so we'll see how that goes. It's supposed to warm up and melt the snow.

We have until the end of the month to get out of the apartment, so it's not TERRIBLE that we didn't get our furniture moved this weekend. But it's annoying. Every time Marc and I go to the house and have to leave we're sad, and I'm not sure we'll have as much help on Tuesday as we would have on Sunday. Here's hoping.
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