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parade day

I got to be in a parade yesterday! Marc was an official banner-holder for the Keepers of the Flame in the Delano St. Patrick's Day parade, and since I wasn't working I tagged along and they didn't mind too much that I just dropped in without pre-ordering my matching shirt and all that. I got to hand out beads to little kids along the route. It was a cold, cloudy, miserable day but once we were on the parade route the wind wasn't so bad and everyone was so happy!

I was not very good at handing out beads. I spent too much time being all systematic about it at the beginning of the parade, stopping by groups of kids and making sure every child had exactly two different-colored strands. I realized quickly that I was going to run out. I learned too late that the thing to do is to take one strand, run down the road, and whoever grabs it gets it.

The parade route was really short. We spent an hour getting lined up and ready, and it felt like 15 minutes of parade. Maybe four or five blocks? But it was still a great time and next year I'll get my t-shirt early because the keepers are awesome. There were all these performers drumming and hooping and walking with poi and people really liked it.

That was all followed up by an obligatory afternoon nap.

At night I went out to the Anchor for @adelamaide's birthday. It turned out to be crazy homebrewers meetup night too, so our little table was eventually surrounded. I ran into some guys I knew from work but had no idea they were homebrewers, I guess they're everywhere these days! Some of them hadn't seen me in a while and now that I'm kinda obviously pregnant they were like, "So... having a good time at beer night?"

I won't lie, sobriety sucks. But at least I could GO to the anchor because we were in their huge non-smoking room, feel like I'm at a bar with a crowd, have a good time. I'm totally pissed that Kansas just passed a huge public smoking ban that will go into effect in July... when I'm not pregnant! Did they time that perfectly to piss me off or not? I can handle secondhand smoke in JULY.
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