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site updates

Well... tonight I decided I was tired of java-ing, so I decided to update/fix my disaster of a website. I had some image linking issues with the old server, sites I'd put up in the links but hadn't actually uploaded, etc. So now...

If you want to adopt a useless blob, tough! I put up a thing about the server being down, you'll all just have to wait a week.

If you have a website I'd love it if you'd link to me with these sexy new logos :)

My first celebrity interview features glutealdivide! If you read his and think you could do a better one, comment here and you'll go in the interview queue. I'll love you for it :) Paul seriously did a good job with his though, not bad for my first, more are to come.

I need to put up more photos on the about page, but I told dave I'd watch SNL with him so maybe tomorrow. TTFN!

[update 4-28 10:20 a.m.]
The blobs appear to be back. Knock yourselves out, minions.
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