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Just when I had nothing to do on a Saturday, my boss canceled Saturday overtime because we're closer to finishing our project. So now I'm at HOME which is annoying. I still woke up at 4:30 am, I just can't get paid for it.

Incidentally I tried to go out last night, I really did. It was a gorgeous evening. It was first friday in Wichita, meaning there's all this free live music everywhere downtown. Driving home all I could think about was beer and wings and being in a bar with friends... it was painful because my bar options are limited (and my beer options are even MORE limited). I easily talked Marc into the wing idea... we went to River City because they have tasty but not too spicy wings. I obviously had to order a water but had a few sips of marc's beer, it was very soothing. Then he went to get ready for his usual Friday routine, and I met friends at City Arts for a few minutes. While walking there I'd ran into coworkers outside at Pumphouse so I went back to sit with them until around 9. Then I went to see marc DJ at Finns.

But sadly, at 9:30, I felt like passing out. I had a reputation for Friday being "crash night" for me even before I was pregnant but I don't think pregnancy has helped. I came home, fed the guinea pigs and slept deeply. I didn't hear him come home, didn't hear the partying out behind our apartment, didn't hear the guinea pigs fighting, I was just dead.

So here I am up in the morning, kinda missing my 6 am office crowd. I work on a floor with 100 or so cubicles full of people, but in the early morning it's obviously a different group. I find that staying late at work is lonely and tiring, but coming in early is an adventure, you're happy and getting lots of stuff done and warming up for a day of people bugging you. And you know who's there. I like the writers who sit across from me, like faint marching band music guy. I'm not a fan of "turn all lights on at 6:30" guy. I'm downright mystified by "angry international teleconference" guy... I'm not sure how he manages the stress but he gets awfully worked up on the phone every morning by 6:10 or so. There's also the quiet pop-tart eating intern. I'm the girl who makes hot water for tea. At 7:15, they clean the women's restroom, and there's only one so you have to really be aware of this.

By 8 everyone is there and busy and asking questions. It's really a nice balance to the day... two hours of productive solitude, eight hours of people. I'm going to miss it if they cancel our overtime completely. Technically I could still come in at 6 but it's not easy to skip out at 3 in the afternoon, there are meetings you have to go to plus you look like a huge slacker.
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