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I'm 25 weeks pregnant. The same week the Duggar's were at when they had their last baby... creepy huh? I'm happy to still be pregnant! The six month mark comes next week. Last week was funny, we saw @gaiadj out at dinner and her man asked how I was doing and I said great, and gaia said, "Of course she's fabulous, she's in second trimester!" It's true, I am fabulous! But the trimester is coming to a close and it's time to get serious here, so I'm trying not to take it for granted.

I've noticed that the little one gets really active when I sing in my car. Maybe she likes it, maybe she hates it and is trying to get me to shut up, it's hard to tell because a fetus only has one reaction. Said reaction gets bigger and more noticeable every week... I can look down and see parts of my stomach getting kicked or kneed or something. And there are still lots of the big rolling acrobatics that happen occasionally.

But back to the singing... I love singing, I love karaoke, and I made myself a CD of stuff that's 1) fun to sing along to and 2) somewhat baby appropriate, because if I'm going to be thinking about her the song should kind of match. The only song I sort of made an exception on was "Closer to You" by Brandi Carlile... it's a song that makes me think of Marc. We played it at our wedding reception, maybe for our entrance music but wedding is a total blur now so who knows. Generally speaking though adult love songs, especially the ones I like, are all about complicated relationships. Analyzing the road we've been down, talk about accepting and loving the flaws and uniqueness in a person who's a PERSON, with a life and experiences and baggage. You really need a whole new set of music because loving a baby is so simple and full of hope.

I also figured some of these songs would be good for me to polish up on now. I'm not totally against singing twinkle twinkle little star to sooth my child, but when so many other millions of better songs have come around in the last 100 years, why resort to that? She can learn "ants go marching" in preschool... it's up to me to teach her Liz Phair. So anyway, here's my CD:

Everyday People / Sly & The Family Stone
Fantasy / Mariah Carey
Punk Rock Girl / The Dead Milkmen
Closer to You / Brandi Carlile
Bouncing Around the Room / Phish
I'll Cover You / RENT
Wig in a Box / Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Rose Tint My World / Rocky Horror Picture Show
Take me Or Leave Me / RENT
Two Of Us / Beatles
Modern Girl / Sleater-Kinney
What Makes You Happy / Liz Phair
Blackbird / Beatles
I Feel The Earth Move / Carole King
Me & Bobby McGee / Janis Joplin
Instant Karma / John Lennon
Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Mama Cass Elliot
Philosophy / Ben Folds
Underdog Victorious / Jill Sobule
Farewell And Goodnight / Smashing Pumpkins

Not bad for a first go! The only issue so far is that "I'll Cover You" makes me cry... you all can tell me if it's my hormones, or "for crap's sake they reprise that in the funeral scene it makes EVERYONE CRY!" I also wish I could have found a better Smashing Pumpkins song because I love Smashing Pumpkins. And I worry that my Beatles selections are cliche. But this will do for now, we can revise as time continues.

At the superbowl party we went to a few weeks ago we were watching The Who do the superbowl halftime show, and a scary number of people in that room were like, "Oh I know that song from Rock Band!" or "Oh that song is from CSI!" OMG people, that song is from THE WHO! Hate to judge but I want my baby to know music, know artists, know their stories and know the songs without any gimmicky video games. I don't want her to think The Beatles are a virtual band who writes songs for Nintendo Wii. I've got to get to her first.
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