Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the even more useless blobs

Its bad enough when they become pillars of internet rehabness, it's worse when they become a real-life headaches for me., my old site, is down. This is a site I got for free from a friend in exchange for promoting his hosting company to my web design clients. Unfortunately my friend left the company like eight months ago (which was weird because he helped build it) and I stopped promoting them because they charge $25 a month to host a site, no matter how small. The worst was when I had a customer with two websites, each well under 1M, and they wanted $50 a month because there were two domain names! Yeah, done.

But since they serve out a lot I thought they'd never notice if I stored to useless blobs there. Since there's a lot of bandwidth going out on those I didn't want to put them on, which is hosted by the she-net people.

But now I'm getting 15 e-mails a day from people telling me the useless blobs don't work. UHG! And I'm trying to reply to them all but it's annoying. And what's worse, I don't know when my old site is coming back up and I'm afraid to call the hosting company because they'll take it away when they notice it's there (if they havn't already)! And my domains are there too. And my web design business site is there too... uh-oh.

I'm thinking I might just kill the useless blobs entirely. They've mushroomed into something evil anyway.

Other news: Lisa "left eye" Lopes died in a car accident :( She was the cute quirky TLC member, the news is depressing. And did anyone see their "Behind the Music"? Awesome, just showed how much those girls stuck together and... burnt down houses of the boyfriends who pissed them off. We'll miss Lisa.
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