Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

IKEA plans, explained

I posted updates on Twitter and Facebook last night that ended up taking entirely too much explaining. Le sigh.

The deal is that Marc and I were talking about what to put under the guinea pig cage that wouldn't scratch the wood floors. We looked online, and noticed that some people just use coffee tables, and they look really nice. Way nicer than our grid shelving, and we wouldn't need a pad underneath it anymore.

I took some measurements and realized quickly that most coffee tables are only 20" wide or so, and we need 28". Then I found one on the IKEA website:

Perfect dimensions! We'd get two, have storage, and it'd look lovely. Incidently, how many online stores have such cute little link-friendly URLs? Makes me love IKEA even more.

The problem is that when I whined online (in one-sentence fragments) about how we don't have an IKEA, I couldn't tell people in one sentence what my ideas were. First, people were just like "What's wrong with not having an IKEA they ship, you're stupid, just order it online!"

Shipping is $299. For a $40 table. Yes. It's FURNITURE, people, did you think it could just appear?

Then I've had to explain all these other things about the dimensions we're looking for, what it's for, why I can't just go to goodwill, etc.

What I was really hoping was that someone was planning to head to dallas and would pick up a table for me.

My other hope was that someone would say "You could totally build that, you know" and offer helpful tips... because I think I could totally build that. I've just never built anything before. But we've been cruising the home improvement stores for appliances a lot lately, so I'm going to investigate some options next time we're out there. I don't have many tools, but I have a drill, and a dremel, and I know they'll cut things for you or I could maybe borrow a saw, so I think this could totally happen.

In the meantime I'd like to say that it's total crap that there's no IKEA in Kansas. I'd drive to KC to IKEA to buy the table, but no. We have to go to Dallas (five hours) or St. Louis (eight hours). They'd do good business in the midwest, they need to fill in some!
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