Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the ke$ha/mick jagger thing, con't

A month ago I posted this entry to ask what's up with the mick jagger line in the kesha song:

Since then it's gotten 24 comments, mostly from anonymous random people trying to spread an internet rumor that Kesha wanted to drop the line because Mick Jagger is her dad.

Mick Jagger is not Ke$ha's dad. He has seven children, none of them is named Kesha Sebert, none were born in 1987, none of them spell their names Ke$ha.

But I keep getting comments in every few days, especially recently... it's so weird! Should I start dedicating my lj to bad celeb news just so we can read in what the crazies are saying? Should I keep typing "Ke$ha" until I can do it with a straight face? Will they ever stop playing that song on the radio?

I will now take suggestions about who you'd like to see rumored to be Ke$ha's dad. Say anything. Snoop Dog. Macaulay Culkin. Ron Jeremy. It could be ANYONE people, this is the INTERNET.
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