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taking my daughter to work

my group is horribly busy trying to make a due date so we're on overtime. At first I thought this was an awesome idea... we get paid for overtime and I could use the money. Plus this way I'd get credit or my hormone-butchered sleep schedule. It's been better in second trimester, but still a mess... I crash out at 8, wake up at 4 am and can't get back to sleep, so I'd just surf the internet until it's time to be at work. Well with overtime, if I'm up at 4, I just get ready... be at the office by 6, get some real good productive things done before people show up, feel the love!

But there are issues, I've learned. Between doctor's appointments and flying lessons I have a hell of a time getting to even 50 hours a week, nevermind the 60 I'm shooting for. I had to go in for another ultrasound this week because my hard-working fetus was suspected to be a "60th percentile baby with a 90th percentile head"... turns out that first measurement was just in a weird week or something, this week she seemed perfectly normal. It was kinda fun to get another ultrasound... we got to see feet this time, last time they were too tiny and blurry but this time with her feet measuring a WHOPPING FOUR CENTIMETERS we could count toes. There were ten. Oh, and she's still a girl.

On top of time out for that sort of thing, I've also learned that if I show up to work at 6, I'm pretty much down for the count by 3 or 4. Yesterday I STARED at a confusing database issue for way too long before e-mailing for help. When I got in this morning the person I'd e-mailed still hadn't responded, so I took another look, and within five minutes I'd figured out what went wrong and fixed it. Well, crap! But in the afternoon I crashed again, just sort of hit a wall around the ten hour mark, and called it quits.

I will say that I think my pre-baby enjoys being an office worker. She's flippy during the day, especially after certain events. I like donuts, she likes donuts! I also like yelling at people in meetings, and so does she. Yesterday I had to rant because it was taking WAY too effing long to get a change request approved and the more spun up I got, the crazier she got... see, not even to viability yet and she already wants our long ass change request forms simplified! It made me smile, mid-rant even.

There's a concept called "pregnancy brain" where women complain about feeling dumber during pregnancy, but I read a study about how it was total bullshit and I like that study. Pregnancy is distracting, I'll give it credit. You worry about your baby, you worry about your body, you feel weird. But I still feel pretty damn smart. And overall this experience is fun, I feel like I'm in some (not-real-effective) job shadowing program, and love the random movements that remind me that she's there. I feel really lucky to be healthy and working and in an exciting time of my job.
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