Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

did I just buy a house?

omg I think we bought a HOUSE! What'd I do?! I'm freaked!

It happened kinda faster than I thought... we looked for what, two weeks? Maybe checked out a dozen or so houses?

But anyway... our realtor had us on some kind of e-maily thing that'd send us new listings every night. So Friday morning I got to work and there was an e-mail waiting for me with this adorable yet fabulous place not too far from downtown. We were already going out on my lunch break to see another place, so I told her I wanted to see this one too.

Well the first place was a dump. Marc even rejected it... he started out loving EVERY house but the more we looked at, the better he got at announcing our mutual hatred. But the second one was awesome! And they were the same price! Actually we'd looked at enough houses in that location to get a feeling that we were seeing something rare. A bank owned it, it was totally empty, it'd just gone on the market. It had fabulous hardwood floors and brand new windows and a great party deck in the back yard and the rooms were painted nifty colors.

So we talked over the weekend and on Sunday we filled out contract stuff, and then Wednesday we finally heard back from the bank that they'd accept our offer and sign stuff. I was sort of in shock.

It's a bright, sunny, colorful house and it just seems so happy to me. It's the only place I saw that made me feel excited about moving.

It's also nearly twice the size of our apartment. Is it weird that I'm, like, worried about our marriage? We've got everything down so good now! And we're going to have a baby? And now this house? We're going to live someplace where we could be out of earshot of one another. In our one-big-room apartment if I want to go to bed and marc wants to watch TV, we do that, and I can still yell questions downstairs if I think of things to say to him as I'm drifting off. There's no "office", we just do computer work in the same room. We're just here, together, all the time.

So that'll end in like a month! I mean there's still inspections and everything but if all goes per plan we'll be out of this place by the end of March. After years of thinking about houses, it just sort of happened, all I had to do was get serious for a few days.
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