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more winter flying

So I went flying with my instructor tonight. He says he's not quite ready to sign me off for the big checkride yet, there were just too many things that I should have done automatically but didn't, and I agree with him. Like, hold the nose down when you add full power after stall recovery. Or when he says, "Your engine failed!" don't look stunned for five seconds, leap into excited "yay engine failure, I know what to do!" action. I just wasn't that snappy tonight. But I know what I need to rehearse over the week and I like my outlook. Lately the weather hasn't been "weeks of horrible", it's getting a lot better... like, "days of horrible" but with a few days each week that are actually flyable and that makes me hopeful.

I think I might use my microsoft outlook task list at work to schedule some catastrophic checklist things. That way I'll be sitting at my desk, working along, and then suddenly a window will pop up saying "left wing is on fire!" It'll be a nice wakeup call, and ensure that I've got those emergency procedures down.

Yesterday it snowed, and it made things sort of an adventure. There was only one runway open at Wichita, and ground control was frantically trying to get everyone over to it. There'd be two airplanes going different directions on the same taxiway, each instructed to stick with their left side. On top of that, they had to do snowplow control! The plows had callsigns, and ground control was asking what they'd cleared, and they were getting permission from ground to be on certain runways or taxiways just like us airplanes have to do. It was crazy fun.

In the air things were suddenly calm and normal... I don't think I've ever heard tower act so much calmer than ground before. But navigating was funny. I was in my normal west practice area that I know really well, there are two big lakes on either corner of it, but they were hard to recognize. When the lakes are blue and the grass is green it's pretty obvious, but when the grass is snowed over and the lakes are frozen and snowed over it all just blends together.

I flew twice in January. That was it. I think I had like twelve flights in June! It's nice to have a small bill, but I would have finished this thing a whole lot quicker if I lived someplace warm and perfect. For my next pilot's license I think I should spend a few months in Hawaii.
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