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five months pregnant

I know lots of pregnant couples think of cutsey nicknames for their unborn children. My family started calling mine "lemon" because when I told them about her we read online that it was lemon-sized that week. I personally just can't get down with the fruit thing, and haven't figured out what to call it... obvious online name is space fetus. But in my head for the first few months it was "zombie parasite". And now I call it "floppy fish" because I feel all these funny crazy movements... it just started in the last week or so. It's obvious stuff happening. It's distracting. It gets my attention.

It really gets my attention in the morning when I'm hungry. No breakfast ever sticks with me more than a few hours, then my stomach kicks into a serious "ohmigod better remind her she's PREGNANT" mode, and now there's also a pre-baby jumping in there too for good measure, and I just feel like I'm getting ganged up on. Like seriously CHILL I WILL FEED YOU.

In medical news, my doctor wants me to get another ultrasound soon. I almost feel like I should have fought on this because I don't believe in getting tons of ultrasounds, and they're annoying. But anyway at the one we got they measured everything, like they do... arms, hands, head, femur, etc. My doctor seems to think there are a few "too many measurements in the 90th percentile" and just wants to double check where we're at in terms of size. Huh? I pointed out the fact (in case she hadn't noticed) that I am in the 90th percentile, and marc is no small person, of course our baby might be a little big. My whole life I've been told I'm freakishly tall and now here someone's saying it to my offspring before she's even born.

Feeling ambitious, I've been reading up on natural childbirth. I checked out Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way from the library and it was awesome. I'm gonna buy it. I'm not going to take the Bradley class... 12 weeks, a couple hundred bucks, it just sounds like a lot for something that might not get to happen for me because I think the "your baby is too big" c-section is really a luck of the draw thing. And besides, I think classes are for people who aren't good at reading books.

But I really liked what I read, I found it to be empowering. It talks in detail about what your body is going through and how you can use that knowledge to work with it. It talks about what it takes, both emotionally and physically, to get through the kind of natural birth you want. It brags about its success rates. Hospital classes don't want to talk about "success" because they don't want to make any woman who asks for medication feel like she's a failure... but Dr. Bradley says they're phrasing that all wrong. It's the methods that are failing the mothers. If hardly anyone can get through natural childbirth with Lamaze, maybe it's not the right set of tools. The engineer in me loves that. Fix things, even if it means going around someone or ignoring the useless "who to blame" questions.

I want a natural childbirth because I think I can do it. I've also read countless birth stories where there were no drugs involve and everything went so well! Women in pregnant who've had both medicated and unmedicated births seem to prefer unmedicated. I've also read several birth stories where the woman decided she wanted an epidural and got it JUST before the baby was born... well what's the point? She'd already done all the work, just needed some confidence and support.

Obviously I cannot say with 100% confidence that I will have my (apparently huge) baby with no drugs but I see nothing wrong with the goal, and nothing wrong with trying some methods that people say are pretty good. I'll let you know in four months how it all goes.
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