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Liz Phair's "Exile in Guyville" is one of the greatest solo artist albums ever made. Why didn't anyone tell me this?! I just got it like a month ago, and it's just magical... nobody around me seems to know. Sad! Makes me wonder what else I'm missing out on.

Yesterday I left my room and it was warm outside, the sky was perfectly blue, the sun was shining. I could hear birds singing everywhere and thought to myself, "What a beautiful spring day! Even the birds are convinced winter is over... listen to how happy they are!" Then this morning I got up and it was cloudy, cold and raining. And the birds were still singing. stupid damn birds don't know anything apparently... they just lost my respect for their opinion.

I was going to the physics department to calibrate my strain gage stuff. The professors were happy to see me back, it's nuts how those guys remember me. Eh, I actually went to their classes, I think that's rare. I always really loved physics for a couple reasons... first, I've always had great teachers, starting in high school. Second, it's just cool. It's math you can actually do something with! Anyway, I really think physics got me into electronics. This was one of the first differences I found between myself and most other people in my department - all the guys went into EET because they had always loved dinking with car stereos and fixing stuff, where I went into it because I loved math and physics and needed a way to apply something. We both had to learn the other side to things. I'm not sure who did better in the end... I think we both kinda did just enough to get by.

Anyway, my physics II instructor, who I think is 105 years old, set me up in the lab with all the metric weights, clamps, scales, and whatever else I needed, and I sat and did a real-life research-type experiment, collecting data and everything. Weird!

So, you ask, how is this crazy college girl spending her friday night?

I love Fridays because they show four Star Trek: TNG episodes instead of just two on TNN. Tonight they showed the first encounter ever between the enterprise and the Borg, which I'd never seen before, can you believe it? Anyway it was fantastic.

While that's going on, I'm cleaning my room, reading up some more on Java, considering a shower. Yup, lemme tell you, my life is a party...
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