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castle inn riverside

First, I am feeling very healthy! That afternoon of taking off work and resting made a huge difference, I felt a million times better Friday and by Saturday I hardly felt sick of all. Take that, cold.

For marc's birthday, I got us a room at the Campbell Castle in Riverside. It's a lovely place that's been completely renovated and made into a bed & breakfast. We checked in, went out to dinner, hung out and had desserts with other guests, slept GREAT, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

It was kind of inspired by the fact that I traveled for work a few weeks ago, stayed in a hotel and just missed marc. It's not that we can't spend time alone... I certainly do love some time to myself every so often. I just know we like fun travel adventures. And staying at a hotel in wichita isn't really travel I know, but it's sort of a nice getaway and we'd talked about the castle for a while.

Anyway to be sneaky and funny I requested the Native American room. Oh yes! They have all these traditional nice lacy bed and breakfast rooms like you'd expect, but this one room on the third floor is all decked out with Native American stuff, right down to the fact that the bed is in a giant teepee, it's AWESOME.

They also have a video library. So we picked out Dances with Wolves. Oh yes.

more pictures are this way...

I could see us doing the bed & breakfast thing more often. It's fun, and unique, and you get to meet nice people. If anyone comes to Wichita I'd highly recommend a stay in the castle. They leave all the rooms open when you get there so you can go explore. Each room is totally different. There are huge suites with Jacuzzis and the whole thing overlooks riverside park which is huge. We enjoyed ourselves.
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