Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Love & the Cosmosphere

My friend nessalc (who writes here) is trying to plan a trip for a group of us to visit the Kansas Cosmosphere. I'm stoked about it because I love the Cosmosphere deeply... as in, if I actually lived in Hutchinson I would probably have a season pass and go by myself all the time. But it's about an hour drive away. It's still awesome though, and if you're ever in the vicinity of it I would highly recommend driving and hour or two off course to make sure you don't miss it. And if you're a flying pilot type, the steakhouse at KHUT also makes it a worthy stop.

Let me just say that the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum has more big stuff, but the Cosmosphere is actually a near-better way to spend an afternoon, tells a better story with its artifacts, and is honest to everything that amazing.

Anyway he was trying to pick a weekend in February and decided to avoid the 13th to avoid conflicting with anyone's Valentine's day plans, which I find amusing because as much as I think I hate Valentine's Day about as much as I love the Cosmosphere. I just figured that among Cosmosphere-loving geeks (and nessalc is a total nerd) Valentine's Day would not be too popular. Not only do I refuse to celebrate it, but I don't even acknowledge the fact that other people need to celebrate it and I WILL make plans without regarding it at all. It's the dumbest holiday ever invented and I have no use for it.

So I realize I seem poll-happy this week but the last one was so darn fun, let's see if I'm alone in this:

Describe your relationship with space museums

You couldn't drag me to one
I have no notable interest
Have a slight interest
Certain I'd enjoy a trip
I would drop important things to visit a space museum

Describe your relationship with valentine's day

Wouldn't miss it if it was firebombed
Try not to go out of my way to celebrate it
I'll play along, might buy a card or two
I plan a whole fun night/event with my SO
I mark off the week and redecorate my house
Tags: geek culture, polls
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