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went home sick

So I got some kind of cold thing that's kicking my ass, and today at work around noon I said fsck it, I'm going home. I was sick of dripping snot on new prints, sick of sneezing, sick of... not being in bed, really. I came home and took a three hour nap and have spent the rest of the day laying around.

In the morning I really thought it'd be manageable... I woke up, washed my face, did the neti pot thing, got dressed... and it was downhill from there. And the trusty zinc losenges I usually resort to when I start getting a cold say "do not use if you are pregnant", and it's not like I could slam nyquil the night before, so feeling stumped and miserable I just e-mailed by boss and said I couldn't take it anymore. I think in the four hours I worked today I did about an hour of work, I was so unable to think. I think what finally did it was that I made a trip out to the airplane because I saw two totally unrelated parts with the same 506 number in our drawing system, made went and verified that they were indeed different, then came back to my desk and realized one was 508. I'd stared at the two numbers way too long before that and hadn't seen the 6/8 thing. I felt crippled by stupid.

Also, I was having some freaky weird pains in my hips and pelvis this morning. They've gone away now but I think it was ligaments, I read some things about that and second-trimester. The pain would lay low and throb, go away, then come back and be horrible. At one point I sneezed and was sure I'd blown my hips off... but somehow they were still attached.

I just always debate the whole work thing because as a kid, I was raised to believe that unless you're vomiting uncontrollably or running a sahara-grade fever, you are well enough to go to school. I feel horribly guilty missing work for anything less. I've taken very few sick days in my career. But there was a time last year when I had a nasty cold, fought with it and half-assed my way through a whole week of work, and then spent Saturday in bed when the weekend hit and just like magic I was a billion times better. It made me think that if I would have just spent a weekday in bed, maybe I wouldn't have spent the week being miserable? It's all so confusing.

If I had a job where I operated heavy machinery obviously I'd miss more work... but I don't. My job mostly requires sitting in a chair, and thinking. I am in close proximity to other people who don't want to be sick and I do work with a lot of suppliers and important types who should see our company represented in a professional (ie, not mouth-breathing) way. Those are the factors that usually make me want to stay home, even if I am physically capable of sitting in that chair.

I'll do a poll, maybe that'll help. I hope the options make sense. I sort of feel like I'm writing in the ocean.

I will skip work only if...

I'm sick of work
I'm getting sick
I feel sick
I feel sick and there's nothing important going on
I'm feverish or spewing vomit or can't walk
I am dead, and they already had my funeral
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