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stuff we know about the (expected) baby

This weekend I found out I'm having a boy. Not from a doctor, but from my aunts, who have a magic test that involves dangling a pencil on a thread above the inside of my wrist. They say it NEVER FAILS. You read about these tests and wonder what silly women believe in them and now I know. Oh, but it's harmless fun! They were so cute and excited that I just couldn't resist. And really I won't be the least bit surprised to have a boy. I've had boy dreams, mom's had boy dreams, I work with so many men I feel like I'm destined to always be surrounded by them. I know I said I want a girl but the inevitability of the alternative has gotten me thinking a lot about boys lately. Although I don't like to stereotype, I have to admit that boys seems to have less dramatic social relationships, doesn't that sound nice? Also, marc and I both love music and I was always jealous in high school that if a half-talented boy auditioned, he'd get a lead role. Am I right?

Aside from that, I have a mental list of other things I'm trying to predict about the baby. If it's lucky, it will inherit some of my best traits: slimness and high metabolism, academic ambition, the ability to see in color, the ability to digest milk products, and resistance to tickling. The last three things on that list are of course to cancel out marc's genetic, um, non-contributions. Then from marc, the baby will have a relaxed "go with it" attitude (not my type-A craziness!), sunburn-proof skin tone, dance talent, and arm strength. And it'll be really giggly.

Stuff it will get from both of us (so how could it miss?) include music appreciation, independence, height, taste for food (aka, non-picky eater status), athletic ability, computer knack, and general passion, happiness, optimism, and blunt sarcasm. Oh, and it will be born with lots of thick dark hair! I don't see how we could possibly have a little bald baby, that's not how either of us came out.

Marc and I both have allergies but his are terrible so I'm hoping the kid leans toward my side. I mean, the odds of it comfortably rubbing around in a hayfield wearing long-haired cats are nil, but with luck he'll at least be able to eat raw veggies and breath during some times of the year (like after a good freeze).

We were both in track & field, even in college, but I'm not sure how that'll work. I was a high jumper and marc was a thrower. That's pretty much a "what do you get when you cross..." joke waiting to happen.

Time will tell on most of these items. But if you don't believe the pencil test the boy/girl parts issue could be medically confirmed as early as this week, so stay tuned! I'm finally getting an ultrasound. It's got me all freaked out about other things though... humans have all kinds of parts that need to work perfectly, and you all know that I am not one to think that your sex-determining bits are the most important thing about you. I have get to confirm that my fetus has LEGS or a brain or working kidneys.

On Friday I'll be halfway done with pregnancy. Weird, huh? Better get my contemplations out now, it's going faster than I thought!
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