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pregnant women should not...

First, I have to say that I really really love peanut butter. I loved it as a kid, I loved it in high school when I felt too skinny and needed to snack a lot, I loved it in college when I could keep the jar and a spoon by my bed just in case I needed a snack.

And now that I'm pregnant, I love it.

Because I realized early that when I'm hungry (which is constant) I can't eat some chips or a granola bar and feel satisfied anymore, I need some protein or something real, and most resources I've found discourage me from emergency cheeseburger runs. But peanut butter just does it for me! On crackers, on carrots, I don't care, it's just so wonderful.

But it occurred to me that maybe I should make sure an excess of peanut butter during pregnancy wasn't going to, like, turn my baby orange or something, so I did some googling and the first website that came up was some cautionary deal about peanut allergies. Immediately I went into "oh crap" mode. I was going to give the kid allergies? There was some text about "should not eat peanuts or peanut products during pregnancy" and I clicked. That's when I read the whole page, that had this DARING CAUTION:

Women who are allergic to peanuts should not eat peanuts or peanut products during pregnancy

Oh thank you, that's very enlightening. As if a woman with peanut allergies is going to randomly try the stuff while pregnant, thinking her fetus is a magic coma block or something? I was seriously about to start my own website of FEAR with gems like:
  • Pregnant women should not ride bicycles through Chernobyl.
  • Pregnant women should not use drinking straws made of lead.
  • Pregnant women should not drink orange juice that has been mixed with vodka.
  • Pregnant women should not drive cars off cliffs.
  • Pregnant women should not wear damp clothes near fallen power lines.
Not saying that march of dimes is a website of fear, it's really pretty good. The rest of the article went on to tell me that my staple food is just fine. In fact it's a wonderful source of folate. To be extra healthy, I've switched to organic. And to diversify, I eat creamy at work and crunchy at home. But the whole thing just highlights the fact that no matter what you search for in the world of pregnancy-related searches, you will find something that you are not supposed to do. It's freaking annoying.
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