Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

decade in review, first day back at the office

People keep doing these "decade in review" things so I figured maybe I should, but since I review years lately it seems kinda pointless plus I'm sick of typing, so I'm going to describe each year using only three words:

2000 - track discovery channel
2001 - internship computer linux
2002 - pittsburg graduation wichita
2003 - caving 10K run
2004 - sacramento colorado advicenators
2005 - fight marriage amendment
2006 - marc migraines roommate
2007 - downtown apartment wedding
2008 - electrical engineering masters
2009 - flying lessons pregnancy

Work today was oddly satisfying! Yes I was dead ass tired, hungry, and did not like changing out of my PJs to go out in the cold. But I did like having my routine back.

I have this long stretchy skirt that's comfortable and looks good with dress boots, but I left my boots in KC over the holiday (hell) so I wore my black snow boots all day. I didn't have meetings, it was a "sit at the desk" day, so I didn't think it mattered much. Also, as an engineer, I'm not sure fashion ever matters. I'm not sure anyone notices anything I wear, especially at the lower levels where I work. So I let it happen. Maybe tomorrow I'll get ambitious and wear slacks.
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