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2008 in review

January - is always a boring month for me. I interviewed a metrication advocate for

February - I whined a LOT about grad school. I was really hating it by that time... comforting myself with reminders like "Could be worse, I could be detained in Guantanamo" and warm thoughts like that. Also the primary elections happened and I skipped the republican one, I was just so sick of republicans.

March - My work sent me to a diversity conference in Florida that totally rekindled my enthusiasm for... well, everything! We were at Disney world, the whole crowd was just really supportive and nice to be around.

April - My little sister got married! I thought the wedding was fabulous, she thought it was stressful, who can judge. A lot of people had a fantastic time though.

May - I got my master's degree in electrical engineering.

June - I went camping in cherryvale and it was lovely; played some games and didn't mind the rain too much. There were float trips too.

July - Jana Mackey, an incredible advocate for women and minorities in Kansas, was murdered. Losing an activist always stings, losing Jana was like being stabbed.

August - Kelloggs flew me to New York to re-launch Hydrox Cookies! I got to eat a TON of cookies, be on TV, and see New York for the first time. Marc went with me and it was unforgetable.

September - Major banks and wall street firms started to collapse, leading me and everyone to wonder how the system got so flawed.

October - We had an incredible halloween party.

November - Went to the SWE conference in Baltimore, and Washington DC! We were actually in DC on election night when Obama was elected president and there was so much energy in the air. Sadly, we had no energy to ourselves because we'd done three Smithsonians in one day.

December - The business jet industry started being slammed with bad publicity from congress who didn't want anyone using "private luxury jets"... even though business jets are really America's last great export, contribute priceless increases in productivity, and allow the economy to function in countless small towns without commercial service. But if you can find a bad guy, isn't that important?
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