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So I feel really bad about this, but some poor worker is going to find a large-size arby's cup spilling vomit out onto the side of the highway. I just couldn't bring myself to revisit it. And neither could marc, because after listening to me spontaneously hurl in the passenger seat while we were speeding down highway 54 he almost lost it himself. We littered, it's a crime, I feel bad, but at least the cup will be frozen. I'm sorry if this paragraph was TMI for anyone.

You know, up until this point my very occasional nausea really hasn't bothered me... I get a drink of water, breath, and I'm fine. It only hits me once a day if that and only if I let my stomach get empty. But today the timing was unfortunate, we were driving along talking and suddenly I felt THE WAVE and scrambled to find that cup, there was no water to drink, the highway was jiggly, so much for the taco salad. I'm confused about the timing... why have I been more nauseous over the past few weeks, in the second trimester? I feel like if my morning sickness is a month late, it's a sign that my baby will be a month late. Or at least slow.

In more pleasant news we were on our way to work out and that still happened, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a slightly more moderate pace but still got my 30 minutes in. Go me. I mean I was fine right after, I just had to get that out. It MIGHT be the new DHA vitamin I took today... vitamins can mess with you, I'm going to avoid it for a few days to make sure that wasn't it. Or maybe weird food? Can't blame everything on pregnancy.

Other highlights of the day: we weighed our guinea pigs! Got a kitchen scale finally and checked them all. You're supposed to do this weekly if you're a good guinea pig owner because weight is the best indicator of health, if they start losing or gaining weight something weird could be going on. So here's where we're at:
  • Pinky: 1200
  • The Brain: 1150
  • Billy: 1050
  • Jabba: 1350
Weights are in grams... if you don't speak metric, you suck. But I'll go ahead and say that they weigh 2.3-3.0 lbs. We have a grand total of 10.5 pounds of piggy pattering around in that pen! If these things were food here, I'd say that's a nice crop. Guinea Lynx says male guinea pigs are normally 900-1200 grams... which means Jabba is fat. Well yeah, we didn't name him Jabba because he was from the desert. But they also say that's a normal weight, but some healthy guinea pigs are slightly bigger. If you have a big cage where they get exercise (we do) and feed them good food (check), you don't have to make changes, just love them at the (HUGE) size they're at. Jabba was fat when we got him, we were warned about that from his previous owners actually, but he's been healthy and beautiful and we can't complain.

Currently reading: Tales from Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin. This'll sound stupid maybe but when I went to the library they had this big center display up with a sign that said "Waiting for Twilight? Check these out!" and a few shelves of young adult fantasy/sci-fi. I am against most things Twilight but all the titles on those shelves looked really interesting. I love the idea... some poor librarians are trying to show vampire-smitten teenagers that there's real literature out there. I'm about 1/4 through the book and so far it's just fantastic.
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