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white christmas

Happy boxing day! Yeah, I missed telling you all Merry Christmas but I was busy.

So we went to KC for a few days. We left Wednesday, because we heard some snow was coming in and I was a little afraid of having a three hour car trip turn into... more. Wednesday night the snow was supposed to hit Wichita and Thursday it was supposed to hit KC. And it did! Churches were canceling Christmas eve services like crazy, the streets were a mess, snow was blowing everywhere. We went to church because we're sorta crazy or something, and getting there was hell but it was like two miles, what could go wrong? Well everywhere cars were sliding off the road and getting stuck, it was dark and freezing and the windshield couldn't stay clear. The wind was harsh and stingy and awful, you couldn't keep your eyes open to walk across the parking lot.

Christmas morning there were feet of snowdrifts everywhere. It was still snowing. We had a nice breakfast, opened presents, went to my aunt's house in another crazy outside venture, the highways were just a sheet of black ice.

This morning Marc and I woke up to try to get Chick-fil-a for breakfast. The car got stuck and it took us almost 20 minutes to get it out. Then we finally get there and they don't have any chicken! We don't really have a chick-fil-a in Wichita, there's one at the WSU student union but it's got weird hours and you have to find a place on campus to park which is impossible and not even really allowed, without a student ticket. Anyway our guess is that the trucks couldn't get through Kansas City.

Then in the afternoon we got home. The highways were still icy and we had to take it slow. I fell asleep in the car, covering my eyes from the blinding sun with a scarf as we drove past the deep snow... it looked to be about 8 inches but the drifts were huge. Then I woke up south of Emporia to a totally different situation... tips of grass sticking up above the snow and clear highways. By the time we were in Wichita the snow was in patches. Whole parking lots were clear, and side streets. In KC the side streets looked like Antarctica.

It's always so funny to see those little differences in the weather between the cities. Kansas City and Topeka have already had snow this year, Wichita hadn't seen any until this week. When my parents come down to visit around spring break time they always remark about how things are growing. Trees flower, there's grass, there are plants, it's noticeable.

In other news, we took Billy the Pig home with us and he was quite the celeb. He spent Christmas in a laundry basket at my parents' house. He got lots of veggie treats and plenty of rest and relaxation. His leg is doing better, he's actually putting weight on it, but still favoring the right one. His breathing is getting a little better. It's still not normal sounding but who knows, we've still got 3-5 more days of this medicine. He hates the medicine. Only Marc can give it to him, because I just can't grab his little jaw that forcefully, I don't know what my deal is! And I gotta say... the stuff smells gross. Around day three Marc randomly smelled it and pulled back right away, so it can't be good for a little animal that smells everything with skill and determination.
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