Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

billy's leg

I dropped billy. Freaking hell. Like, he wasn't sick enough so I decide to throw him on the floor? I had given him his medicine, we hung out and snuggled, he was lounging up by my neck but I thought it'd been long enough he might want to just be home so I put my hands around him and walked to the cage. He hadn't been really squiggly until he saw the cage, then he suddenly decided to dive for it. He was about at my waist level when I really lost hold of him, he hit the edge of the cage with a leg and dropped to the floor. And now that leg is screwed up. We were up until 1 in the morning watching him, then I woke up this morning and called two vets to see who could get him in early and neither one really could. One said if we dropped him off, they might just be able to take a look before 3:30, so marc took him there.

On top of feeling like a terrible person, I'm also just really mad because when I googled information about guinea pigs with broken legs I mostly came across people wanting advice that did NOT involve a veterinarian. Because they "didn't have the money". I'm sorry but I think it's really irresponsible to own a pet if you don't have the resources to take care of it. I know guinea pigs are only $30, but that doesn't mean you should get one just because you happen to have $30. It's not a x-box, it's a life!

rant over. obviously I can't pose like the most responsible pet owner ever since I just dropped my piggy, but let's face it, we've been medicating the little guy for two months. That's a lot of handling, having him in and out of the cage, holding him, etc. I've probably held him 100 times without dropping him. I hate myself, and I feel horrible, but that won't fix him now.

Keep good thoughts up for us. I'll update when they call back, hopefully soon.

I'm going to go see how much calcium I'm getting in these damn prenatal vitamins, I really hope my baby has strong bones.
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