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girl party

First, can I post a pigture I took recently?

This is The Brain. He is truly wise. You can ask him questions, and he will meditate quietly until finding a clear answer (as shown below).

he also likes sniffing. and shedding long white hair on things.

In other news, I spent the weekend in Topeka with my sister where her friends were throwing their annual Lenaia party. This is loosely based on an ancient Greek festival, but their idea is that a bunch of women get together to celebrate womanhood, drink white cosmopolitans, get their feminist rants off their chest, dance, laugh, be merry. Great party! I enjoyed being with a group of women who weren't selling junk or showering someone.

I took a nap in the afternoon before driving to Topeka and still got THE SLEEPIES in a bad way. Around midnight or 1, I was just about to lose it. Finally one of the girls at the party must have noticed, and said if I felt like I needed to lay down I was welcome to go upstairs and invade somebody's room and I was like, "Oh thanks, I'm having a great time! Might just go up and stretch out a bit though."

three hour later I was totally rested and ready to party, but everyone else was going home, so crap. Everybody was cool about it and totally blaming it on the pregnancy but I gotta be honest... I like sleeping, and this is not the first time I've crashed a little early at a party for no real reason.

Here's the conversation of the night... some gals brought up the fact that my sister and I get along so well, it's amazing we have so much in common. At first I was like "What? She totally let me down forever, she's not an engineer." They were like "But you still get along so well then, how come?" I thought about it a bit. Then finally said, "Well I'm proud of her... I mean maybe she's not an engineer but I still feel like she's a nerd in her own way and that's what's important." They all quickly agreed... Nerd definitely! It was the sort of agreement you don't really want your close friends to have about you that instantly, I don't remember if she was around or not. But anyway, there are technical nerds, but if you look at the broader term it really means "one who totally over-researches things that other people cannot possibly relate to their interest in." And that's her. You can be tall, good-looking, have friends, throw good parties... and yet those close to you will still know the truth. And love you for it, if they're nerds, or if they're just loving people, it works either way.

And it's sad but I've met a lot of non-nerd engineers. They're horrible. They seem to have fallen into the field by flipping a coin, and stayed because it's a steady paycheck, but the passion just isn't there. I don't see how they can be that good at what they do. Get up, come to work, complain, go home, watch sitcoms, join the softball league, mow the yard. And that's about the highlight. You think these people can't end up in technical fields but they seep in. We have nothing in common.
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