Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

some rambling, some pictures, some pregnancy

I'm really trying to keep the lj balanced these days and think I'm doing a pretty good job. The ratios I'm aiming for:
  • 30% pilot adventures
  • 25% pregnancy updates
  • 10% guinea pigs
  • 35% observations about the world
It could happen. I probably need more observations but I'm doing okay. To be honest, when I look back on my old lj entries sometimes I wish I wrote more about current events and things, more "time capsule" kinda stuff.

But today's entry is about pregnancy. I decided to take some pictures of myself, because humaazul is convinced I'm hiding something. Also even though I don't think I look different, I realized that if I don't take pictures now I'll never know when I DO start looking different. The changes are so gradual. Even with my clothes, it wasn't like I woke up one day and they didn't fit, it changed with the days and the times and still in the mornings I think a lot of stuff fits just fine.

Anyway to start out, I found this side picture of me from last July. Here I am admiring Jimmy Carter at the Atlanta capitol, being not even a little bit pregnant.

And here's are two I took today. I wore the exact same shirt. In one I'm standing up straight, the other I was kinda slouchy.

Whatd'ya think... still look the same? Too many office donuts?

I need a haircut.

Some numbers...
I am 15 weeks pregnant. A bit past 3 months. 38% complete. (yeah I made a spreadsheet, whatsit too ya?)

I weigh the same thing I did before I got pregnant. I have gained back all the weight I lost first trimester through a careful system of eating ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Not really intensionally, I just feel really awful if I go two hours without consumption. I am 34" around at my midsection. I don't know what I was before, that might have been fun to know though.

Second trimester's been treating me great. I'm SLEEPING again. I went through this annoying phase for, seriously, like two months where I had to get up and pee three times a night and could never fall back asleep and I was like a zombie. Half the reason I pushed my flying to weekends was so I could nap first. But since I wasn't puking my guts out like some pregnant ladies I couldn't really complain about my hormones, people would just laugh about something like "oh it's just training for when your BABY is here and you get no sleep ever, you think it's bad now just wait! lol! ponies!" Well eff off world I was ANNOYED and I'm really happy that the sleep issue has drifted off. I don't know why it's drifted off, but I'll take it. I may get tired at 8:30 at night but at least I am getting the sleep I need and that's worth a million dollars to me.
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