Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

christmas inaction

my Christmas slacking has reached amazing levels of non-motivation this year.

Never did get decorations up. Every other year we do a TREE... buy a real one, deck it out with blinky lights and ornaments. This year was not that year so I got out the little three-foot fake one I've had since college and set it on our side table... and that was as far as we got. I never put anything on it! Finally marc put a CD on one of the branches. It's pretty bad. Oh, it's got a tree skirt. That's about the highlight.

I bought my first Christmas present for someone on Wednesday. There were no catalog orders this year, because I was too far behind.

I'm hoping the weekend gets me in the spirit. It's early mall people-watching weekend! I do look forward to this. Every year on the saturday before Christmas when I know it'll get crazy out there I get up and go to the mall at 8 or 9 in the morning. The stores are all open early special hours but most people don't know about it, or are too lazy to come in early. I get a good parking place then watch the crowds swell around me.

Also this year marc and I have done a lot of driving around Wichita looking at Christmas lights, that's fun. It seems like in every neighborhood, rich or poor, someone goes all out with the lights. I'd want to do that with my house someday but I can't kid myself, if I can't even be bothered to light up a tree every year what makes me think I could haul 900 pounds of inflatable santas and icicle strings up from a basement? I just have to admire those who do it, every year.
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